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Press Release – Chandler, Arizona Drug and Alcohol Statistics Revealed: Insights and Implications

Press Release Chandler Arizona drug and alcohol stats revealed


Chandler, AZ – 1/24/2024

Chandler, Arizona, known for its vibrant community, championship golf courses, numerous parks, and over 330 days of sunshine each year, is also grappling with the challenges posed by drug and alcohol abuse. Recent statistics shed light on the extent of this issue, emphasizing the need for awareness, prevention, and support within the community.

Understanding the Scope of the Problem in Chandler

A thorough investigation, undertaken jointly by the Chandler Department of Health and Human Services in partnership with local organizations, has provided valuable insights into the city’s drug and alcohol landscape. The results unveil a multifaceted scenario, shedding light on achievements and areas needing focused attention.

Key Statistics:

Substance Abuse Prevalence: According to a recent study, more than 9.5 percent of Arizona residents have reported using illicit drugs or misusing prescription medications in the past month. That’s nearly a whole percentage point above the national average of 8.82.

Alcohol Consumption: 16.7% of adults living in Chandler engage in binge drinking monthly, with 25% of most active drinkers consuming a median of nearly eight drinks per binge.

Opioid Crisis: Chandler has not been immune to the opioid epidemic sweeping through the nation. The city has seen a nearly 15% increase in opioid-related overdoses over the past year, underscoring the urgency of addressing this issue.

Youth Substance Abuse: Startlingly, 31% of Chandler High School students admit to using drugs or alcohol at least once in their lifetime. This underscores the need for comprehensive prevention and education programs targeting young people.

Treatment Gap: Despite the alarming statistics, Chandler has a significant treatment gap. Only 6.3% of adolescents in need of substance abuse treatment are currently accessing services, indicating a pressing need for improved access and affordability.

Community Response

In the face of these statistics, the Chandler community is coming together to address the issue of drug and alcohol abuse comprehensively. Local organizations, government agencies, and concerned citizens are taking proactive steps to make a difference.

Initiatives and Programs:

Education and Prevention: Several local schools in Maricopa County have implemented evidence-based drug and alcohol prevention programs to equip students with the knowledge and skills to resist substance abuse. More than 48% of program participants said early initiation and/or poor family management were contributing factors to drug use. Nearly 50% of high school students interviewed stated one of the main reasons for not partaking in illegal substances was due to supportive peer and community factors.

Treatment Centers: Recently established treatment centers and facilities have welcomed individuals grappling with addiction, offering accessible and cost-effective services. Notably, centers such as Virtue Recovery Center in Chandler are dedicated to providing the essential care and nurturing environment required to assist adolescents and adults in their journey toward recovery.

Support Groups: Chandler takes pride in its strong support network, which encompasses diverse support groups dedicated to individuals in recovery and their families. These groups play a pivotal role in nurturing community and empathy. Prominent organizations such as GRASP and DBT offer valuable resources to Chandler residents, equipping them with essential skills and coping mechanisms to assist those grappling with drug and alcohol addiction.

Law Enforcement: The Chandler Police Department remains committed to addressing drug trafficking and substance abuse through focused law enforcement endeavors. Initiatives such as the Arizona High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA) program are pivotal in promoting, bolstering, and strengthening cooperative efforts among law enforcement agencies to combat drug-related challenges. HIDTA stands as a trusted counter-drug grant program that Arizona law enforcement agencies depend on to effectively confront and mitigate drug threats.

The statistics paint a sobering picture of the drug and alcohol challenges facing Chandler, but they also serve as a call to action for residents, community leaders, and policymakers.

What You Can Do:

Raise Awareness: Share these statistics with your friends, family, and colleagues to raise awareness.

Support Local Initiatives: Get involved in local organizations and initiatives working to combat substance abuse in Chandler.

Seek Help: If you or someone you know is struggling with substance abuse, reach out to the numerous support services available in Chandler, like Virtue Recovery Center.

Advocate for Policy Changes: Engage with local policymakers to advocate for policies that address the root causes of substance abuse and improve access to treatment.

Moving Forward Together

While the drug and alcohol statistics for Chandler, Arizona, present challenges, they also reflect a community that is determined to face these issues head-on. By working together, Chandler can continue to build a safe, healthy, and vibrant city for all its residents.

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Disclaimer: The statistics presented in this press release are based on the latest available data from reputable sources. For the most up-to-date information and additional resources on drug and alcohol abuse in Chandler, please refer to the Chandler Department of Health and Human Services and other relevant local agencies.