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Prescription Drug Abuse: Why Does It Occur?

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The misuse of prescription drugs is a health crisis that plagues every corner of society. This phenomenon is not restrained by geographic, economic, or social barriers—it is a widespread issue with devastating consequences.

How does prescription drug abuse occur? How addictive are prescription drugs? Exploring the intricacies of prescription drug abuse and learning how to help someone addicted to prescription drugs can hep save a life, possibly even your own.

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Understanding Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription drug abuse refers to the use of medication without a prescription, in a way other than prescribed, or for the experience or feeling it elicits. This kind of abuse can encompass a wide range of substances, including opioids, central nervous system (CNS) depressants, and stimulants.

Various medications, such as Xanax, Vicodin, OxyContin, and Adderall, are just a few examples of drugs that, while beneficial for many when used correctly, pose a high risk of addiction and abuse.

Factors Contributing to Prescription Drug Abuse

How do you become addicted to prescription drugs? It may happen quickly, but in some instances, addiction may develop over the course of weeks or months. The following are potential explanations for how prescription drug abuse occurs:

Easy Access to Prescription Drugs

One of the primary drivers behind the rise in prescription drug abuse is sheer availability. Medicine cabinets at home or in the homes of relatives often become unintended sources of these drugs, making them readily accessible.

Influence of Peer Pressure and Social Environment

Social circles and peer groups can exert a powerful influence over an individual’s decision to abuse prescription medications, especially among younger demographics.

Self-Medication and Misuse of Prescribed Medications

For some, what begins as legitimate use can slip into dependence as individuals attempt to self-medicate issues such as chronic pain or emotional distress without medical supervision.

Co-Occurring Mental Health Conditions

Those struggling with mental health issues may turn to prescription drugs to alleviate their symptoms, which can lead to misuse and addiction.

Treatment and Recovery Options

Thankfully, prescription drug abuse is a treatable condition. Substance use disorder treatment facilities, like Virtue Recovery Chandler, offer a lifeline to those grappling with this issue. Intensive outpatient programs (IOP) and partial hospitalization programs (PHP) offer structured, supportive environments conducive to recovery.

Additionally, because each case is unique, personalized treatment tailored to an individual’s situation is critical for long-term success. Therapy sessions and support groups, too, can provide the necessary tools and community support to foster recovery and prevent relapse.

Virtue Recovery Chandler: Helping Individuals Overcome Prescription Drug Abuse

Located in the heart of Chandler, AZ, Virtue Recovery Chandler provides comprehensive treatment for a variety of addictions, including those to alcohol, fentanyl, heroin, benzodiazepines, cocaine, and opioids/opiates. From detox and rehabilitation efforts to ongoing outpatient programs, our suite of services is designed to meet clients where they are in their journey toward health and sobriety. Personal stories of triumph and renewal are powerful testaments to the efficacy and compassion that underscore Virtue Recovery Chandler’s mission.

Call Virtue Recovery Chandler Today to Start Prescription Drug Abuse Treatment

If you or a loved one is struggling with the tight grip of prescription drug abuse, know that help is available. Virtue Recovery Chandler understands the complexities of addiction and offers professional, individualized care designed to guide clients toward healing and wholeness.

Don’t wait another day to seek help. Contact Virtue Recovery Chandler to embark on your path to recovery. Call us at 866.788.4745 or visit our new website. Remember, recovery is within reach.