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Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment in Chandler, AZ

therapist and patient in chandler prescription drug addiction treatment program

Prescription and illicit opioids, such as fentanyl, are highly addictive and contribute to a rising number of fatalities in Arizona. This increase mirrors a growing issue nationwide, where overdose deaths have become the primary cause of preventable injury-related deaths. From 2020 to 2021, there were 3,888 opioid overdose fatalities among Arizona residents. Accidental deaths accounted for the majority (93%) of all opioid overdose cases, with prescription and synthetic opioids (94.5%) being the primary cause.1

Prescription drug addiction is a growing concern across the nation, and Chandler, AZ, is not immune to this crisis. Those struggling with this form of substance abuse must understand the importance of seeking proper treatment. Overcoming addiction is a monumental task, but with the proper support and guidance, recovery is within reach.

If you or a loved one is battling prescription drug addiction in Chandler, AZ, Virtue Recovery can help. We offer a comprehensive and individualized treatment program that addresses the physical, emotional, and psychological aspects of addiction. Call 866.788.4745 to learn more about our Chandler, AZ, prescription drug treatment and start your journey toward a healthier, drug-free life.

Understanding Prescription Drug Addiction

Abuse of prescription medications can spiral quickly into addiction. These drugs often serve legitimate medical purposes but have a high potential for misuse. Common culprits include opioid painkillers, anti-anxiety medications, and stimulants.

Several factors contribute to addiction, such as genetic predisposition, environmental influences, and personal circumstances. Recognizing the complex nature of prescription drug addiction is the first step toward healing.

Chandler, AZ, Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment Options

A variety of Chandler-based prescription drug addiction treatment options are available. They may include:

Inpatient Treatment Programs

Inpatient programs provide a structured environment where clients can focus solely on their recovery without the distractions or triggers of their daily lives.

Outpatient Treatment Programs

Outpatient services, including intensive outpatient programs (IOP) offered by facilities like Virtue Recovery Chandler, allow clients to receive treatment while maintaining certain aspects of their normal routines.

Detoxification Process

Detox is a critical first step, ensuring clients withdraw from substances safely under medical supervision.

Therapy and Counseling

Professional counseling addresses the root causes of addiction and helps develop coping strategies for a sober lifestyle.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

In some cases, medication is used in conjunction with therapy to manage withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

Prescription drug addiction treatment in Chandler, AZ, includes access to seasoned healthcare professionals. The community in Chandler is supportive, providing a conducive environment for recovery and aftercare.

Steps to Finding the Right Treatment Center in Chandler, AZ

To find a center that best fits your needs:

  • Research potential centers – Look into the services and programs each center offers.
  • Assess individual needs – Consider the level of care required, such as inpatient or outpatient services.
  • Check credentials – Ensure the facility has proper accreditations and a well-trained staff.
  • Insurance coverage – Verify that the center accepts your insurance or explore other payment options.

Knowing what to look for in a treatment center helps you make an informed decision for yourself or your loved one. With the proper support and resources, overcoming prescription drug addiction is possible.

Call Virtue Recovery Chandler for Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment in Arizona

If you or a loved one is grappling with prescription drug addiction, know that help is available. In our prescription drug addiction treatment in Arizona, you will find compassionate care tailored to your journey toward sobriety. The road to recovery may be challenging, but with the proper treatment approach, a fulfilling, drug-free life is achievable.

Don’t hesitate to take that first step. Reach out to Virtue Recovery Chandler to explore how we can support your path to recovery. Call 866.788.4745 or complete our online form to begin your transformation.


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